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Hydraulic Filter Element TZX-250×20 Oil Filter Cartridge

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In hydraulic, lubrication system, this kind of filter element can be used to filtrate solid particles,colloidal substances and other pollutants in the working medium,in addition,they can effectively control the pollution degrees of the working medium to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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Hydraulic filter element is an important component in hydraulic systems used to control oil contamination. Its function is to filter out solid particle pollutants in the oil, so that the contamination level of the oil is controlled within the limits that key hydraulic components can tolerate, in order to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic system and extend the service life of the components.

Generally, people believe that hydraulic systems with filtering devices are safe, but in fact, this often leads to a misconception in the diagnosis of hydraulic system faults, and the impact of the quality of the filter itself on the system cannot be ignored.

Correctly selecting pollution control components in hydraulic systems to achieve system cleanliness goals can directly improve system performance, extend the lifespan of components and fluids, reduce maintenance, and avoid more than 80% of hydraulic system failures.

Technical Data

Application  hydraulic, lubrication system
Structure Cartridge
Filtration accuracy 3 to 250 Microns
Filter Material Glass fiber, Stainless Steel Mesh, Oil Paper, Stainless Steel sinter fiber, sinter mesh, ect
Working Pressure 21-210Bar
O-Ring material NBR, fluororubber, ect

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Filter Hydraulic
Oil Filter TZX-250X20
Hydraulic Filter Cartridge

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1. Metallurgy

2. Railway Internal combustion engine and Generators

3. Marine Industry

4. Mechanical Processing Equipment



7. Electronic and Pharmaceutical

8.Thermal power and Nuclear power

9.Car engine and Construction machinery


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