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Replacement Donaldson Air Compressed Coalescing Filter Element V0600 1C486063

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Our replacement Coalescing  filter V0600 1C486063 can meet OEM specifications in Form, Fit, and Function.

The filter fits Donaldson DF housings

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Product Introduction

V, M, S series coalescence filters remove water and oil aerosols and solid particles from compressed air and gases in industrial applications. The filter elements are equipped with a pleated high performance filter media to achieve high retention rates at lowest differential pressure. These filters elements are used in Donaldson DF compressed air housing.

Data Sheet


Code Type Residual Oil Content Particle Retention Rate
V Coalescing Filter 1 ppm 99.9% on 5 micron particles
M Coalescing Filter 1 ppm 99.9999% on 0.01 micron particles
S Coalescing Filter <0.003 ppm 99.99998% on 0.01 micron particles
A Carbon Filter <0.003 ppm 1 micron absolute

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Filter Pictures

Air Compressed Filter V0600
Air Compressed Filter  1C486063

Application Field

Refrigerator/desiccant dryer protection

Pneumatic tool protection

Instrumentation and process controlair purification

Technical gas filtration

Pneumatic valve and cylinder protection

Pre-filter for sterile air filters

Automotive and paint processes

Bulk water removal for sand blasting

Food packaging equipment

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