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DYL Hydraulic Pressure Line Filter

Short Description:

Operating medium: Hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, mineral oil, emulsion, water-glycol, phosphate ester
Operating pressure (max): 1-4MPa
Operating temperature: - 55℃~120℃
Indicating pressure drop: 0. 35MPa

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It is installed in low pressure pipeline and lubricating oil system of hydraulic system or oil suction and return pipeline to filter solid particle and slimes in medium and effectively control cleanliness.
Filter Element adopt glass fiber or stainless steel woven mesh. Filter material and filter precision can be selected according to user requirements.

DYL 16
DYL 300

Odering Information

Drawing and Sizes

Type A   B H H1 CXL D M
DYL30 G3/8 M18X1.5 105 156 132 50X66 96 M5
DYL60 G1/2 M22X1.5
DYL160 G3/4 M27X1.5 140 235 211 56X89 130 M8
DYL240 G1 M33X1.5 276 249
DYL330 G1 1/4 M42X2 178 274 238 69X130 176 M10
DYL660 G1 1/2 M48X2 327 287

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DYL all
DYL 60
DYL big

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