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Replacement Filter Element 937775Q of Parker BGT Filter

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The filter media we used for oil filter 937775Q is glass fiber, filtration accuracy is 10 microns. The pleated glass fiber filter media ensure high dirt-holding capacity. Our replacement hydraulic filter element 937775Q  can meet OEM specifications in Form, Fit, and Function.

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The replacement filter elements of the Parker BGT filter series come in various sizes, with several filter materials and micron scales. These replacement filter elements ensure filtration quality.

Fluid passes through the elements in an inside-to-outside direction, collecting particles inside the filter cartridge. This eliminates reinjection of contaminant during element change. Clean fluid then returns to the reservoir.

Technical Data

Model Number 937775Q
Filter Type Hydraulic Filter Element
Filter Layer material Glass fiber
Filtration accuracy 10 microns
End caps material Carbon steel
Inner Core material Carbon steel

Filter Pictures

Parker 937775Q
Filter element 937775Q
Hydraulic Filter Element

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Why need a filter element

a. Improve the performance of the hydraulic system: By effectively filtering impurities and particles in the oil, it can prevent problems such as blockage and jamming in the hydraulic system, and improve the work efficiency and stability of the system.

b. Extending system life: Effective oil filtration can reduce wear and corrosion of components in hydraulic systems, extend system service life, and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

c. Protection of key components: Key components in the hydraulic system, such as pumps, valves, cylinders, etc., have high requirements for oil cleanliness. The hydraulic oil filter can reduce wear and damage to these components and protect their normal operation.

d. Easy to maintain and replace: The hydraulic oil filter element can usually be replaced regularly as needed, and the replacement process is simple and convenient, without the need for large-scale modifications to the hydraulic system.

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